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About us

About us

We are FuXion Biotech SAC, a multinational company established in 2006, with a particular way of seeing the world.

FuXion® researches, develops, and produces unique nutraceutical foods that help you to reach the highest possible health level. We sell our products through independent distributors, giving them the opportunity to develop their businesses, thus promoting personal and financially sustainable growth as well.



To work among friends is more pleasant and fruitful. The founding directors of the company were family members and friends who believed in FuXion® comprehensive proposal.

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Comité científico


This research team with years of experience will surprise you with functional beverages that seemed unattainable before, but have become real thanks to them. Do you want to meet them?

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Responsabilidad social


We want our promise of a better life to reach all levels of society, especially children and adolescents with nutritional deficiencies.

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Financial Health

Achieving the life you deserve and having time to enjoy it just depends on you. Enjoy the freedom of time and money, working among friends and at your own pace.

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Emotional Health

Feel your essence. Find your inner balance to discover the complete person you can be. We want to help you find that path.

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Physical Health

Imagine how your life would be if each cell in your body was at its fullest biological potential. Regardless of what you pursue in life, a healthy and vital body will help you achieve it and here you will find out how.

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